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MOOSE RACING ムースレーシング スプロケット【SPROCKETS [M602-17-15]】

■商品番号M602-17-15■商品概要【MSE C/S SPRKT XR/TRX 15T】FRONT TEETH:15MADE IN THE U.S.A.:YesMATERIAL:Chromoly SteelPOSITION:FrontSTYLE:Non-GroovedTYPE:Sprocket■適合車種▼HONDATRX400EX FOURTRAX 1999 - 2000 TRX400EX SPORTRAX 2001 - 2004 XR400R 1996 - 2004 ■詳細説明・Computer-designed to meet your ATV needs・CNC-machined, not stamped like so many other sprockets・Sprockets are constructed from 7075 T-651 aluminum and hard-anodized black for superb strength and light weight・Mooses non-grooved design means more aluminum stays in contact with the chain for longer sprocket life・Made in the U.S.A.CHROMOLY STEEL FRONT SPROCKETS・Heat-treated, then finished with a nickel coating for corrosion resistance and lubricity・See price list on page ???・Machined from impact- and wear-resistant chromoly steel・Made in the U.S.A.・Inner splines are broached to provide maximum spline-to-countershaft contact; this helps distribute driveline forces over the largest possible area■注意点※取り扱い説明書は英語となります。




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